Built on principles, carried on with each generation.

About Us

It started in 1939 with providing potato chips and candy to the greater Richmond area. James Leroy Culpepper founded the company J.L. Culpepper & Co. In 1953, Culpepper bought Richmond Restaurant Service to broaden his business and his clientele. Over 80 years later, RRS Foodservice has stayed true to its roots and its service, providing quality customer service and products it’s clients in Virginia, Washington DC, and parts of Maryland and North Carolina.

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Corporate Leadership

Over 200 years of combined foodservice experience


Rhett Townsend

Chief Financial Officer Emeritus

Bruce Kennedy

Vice President of Operations

Neal Wilcox

Vice President of Manufacturing and Retail Sales

Rick Cassell

Vice President of Sales

Roger Sherman

Vice President of Purchasing, Marketing, Institutional sales

George Bowles